Tips For AA & Al-Anon Newcomers

Welcome to Elk River Alano, we hope you enjoy the Alcoholics Anonymous and Al-Anon meetings we offer at our Alano Club.  Below you’ll find a few tips to help you begin your journey with your best foot forward.

No pressure, just show up and keep coming back. – Newcomers are the lifeblood of AA and Al-Anon.  Nothing more is needed to make a beginning than to show up for a meeting.  It is likely that the members at meetings you attend will be excited to see a new face.  Feel free to share as much or as little as you want.  If you do not feel like talking you can just “pass” during any of the discussions.

Try several meetings and Find a “Home Group” that fits for you.  – Every AA or Al Anon meeting is unique in its own way.  Much like people, you’ll find that you have “chemistry” more or less with various meetings.  When you find a group that you enjoy, feel comfortable, and has members who have something you want, make that group your “Home Group”.  A home group is the one you attend regularly, perform service , and get to know the other members.  You may attend other meetings but the home group is where you have made it “Your Meeting”.

Get a Sponsor. – When you are new in Alcoholics Anonymous or Al-Anon it is important to find a Sponsor who can show you the way through the 12 Steps.  Meetings and fellowship are helpful, but a Sponsor is also an important part of a successful recovery.  If you  find a member who has something you want, you should ask that member to become your Sponsor (temporary is OK).  This person should work privately with you, and show you exactly how they recovered and lead you through the book of Alcoholics Anonymous and the twelve steps.

Work The Steps (Take Action) – While attending AA or Al-Anon meetings is important.  To recover and realize the promises of our program of recovery, it is necessary to take the actions that each of our twelve steps suggests.  Find a Sponsor to help you and work the steps in order.  Do this as you attend meetings and enjoy the fellowship that AA and Al-Anon provides.

Want more information on AA?  Check out the AA Pamphlets such as AA At A Glance, and A Newcomer Asks, that provide a guide to what AA is and is not.

Key Abbreviations

AAAlcoholics Anonymous
ACAAdult Children of Alcoholics
CoDaCo-Dependents Anonymous
MXMen & Women
NANarcotics Anonymous